Spain Barcelona Travel Guide for 2019

Barcelona is the second-biggest city in Spain and a standout amongst the most well known visitor goals in the nation (if not the world). From family explorers to the journey send groups to the swarms of youthful voyagers that plunge upon this city amid the late spring months, Barcelona has a smidgen of everything for everybody. It is a city saturated with history (the Barri Gothic goes back to Roman occasions), engineering (Gaudi is all over the place), novel sustenance (attempt some Catalan dishes and abundant measures of fish), and a wild nightlife that doesn’t start until 2 AM. I initially came here in 2006 and have wound up moved back here quite a long time after year, delving further into the sustenance, culture, and history of this unique spot. I can never get enough of the city – it has a power that just invigorates your body. Its vitality is irresistible, its noteworthy roads inebriating, and its kin loaded with life.

Things to See and Do

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Top 5 Things to See and Do in Barcelona

1. Wander Gaudi’s Architecture

Gaudi is Barcelona’s most celebrated engineer. His one of a kind style, utilization of nature, and index of work is amazing. On the off chance that you like one of a kind design, take a voyage through Gaudi’s works. Try not to miss Park Güell (7 EUR), Sagrada Familia (22 EUR), Casa Batlló for its skeletal appearance, Casa Milà, thus numerous others! There’s Gaudi wherever in the city.

2. See the Picasso Museum

Picasso was an incredible craftsman. While I’m not an enormous devotee of the greater part of his later work, it’s as yet fascinating to find out about the life and work of a standout amongst the most persuasive specialists in the twentieth century. With more than 3,000 bits of workmanship, there is a great deal to see here. Confirmation is 11 EUR, with limits accessible for understudies and seniors.

3. Appreciate the shoreline

Barcelona has a wide and long shoreline that is inconceivably famous all year. The water is great to swim in and there are a ton of good cafés on the promenade. Likewise, don’t simply stick to one shoreline (there are a couple of appropriate alongside one another), in case you’re there for a few days, bounce around!

4. Visit the Barcelona History Museum

Barcelona has a standout amongst the best city history galleries I’ve at any point been as well. There are 4,000 square meters of roman remains situated underneath the historical center that you can stroll through. There is a free, point by point sound guide and fastidious clarifications of what you are seeing. They complete an extraordinary and careful activity. This is an absolute necessity see. Confirmation is 7 EUR.

5. Get Lost in Barri Gotic

This is the name given to the old zone of Barcelona, which is loaded up with blustery lanes and memorable structures. Put in a couple of hours getting lost through this zone, unearthing old structures, places of worship, and squares. The more profound you go into this zone, the more nearby and fascinating it progresses toward becoming.

Different Things to See and Do

  1. Enjoy contemporary craftsmanship
  2. Walk La Rambla
  3. Take a Food Tour
  4. Visit the Gothic Cathedral
  5. See the Gaudi Fountain
  6. Learn how to cook
  7. Ride the harbor link vehicle
  8. Explore Montjuic Hill
  9. Visit the aquarium
  10. Day excursion to Girona
  11. Stroll through the Raval
  12. Catch an open air film
  13. Head out to Montserrat

Typical Costs

Lodging costs – Dorm rooms can shift drastically in cost here. They begin at 10 EUR every night, except 20-35 EUR is nearer to average. At the more well known inns, hope to spend around 30 EUR every night. Private rooms begin at around 55 EUR every night for a twofold. Free WiFi is standard, and free breakfast isn’t exceptional. In the event that outdoors is your thing, there are a couple of campgrounds around the city which offer modest campgrounds and fundamental offices. Most are near 15km from the downtown area, with costs between 5-15 EUR every night. Some offer bicycle rentals for as meager as 2 EUR every day, making getting to the city that a lot simpler on the off chance that you don’t have a vehicle.

Budget Hotel costs – Hotels in Barcelona aren’t shabby except if they are far from the middle. Twofold rooms begin at 60 EUR every night and go up from that point. Lamentably, Airbnb doesn’t offer a lot in reserve funds here in Barcelona either. Shared convenience costs around 30 EUR every night, while a private condo or home will cost near 120 EUR. Except if you’re going as a gathering (or need your protection) inns and lodgings are the better decision.

Normal expense of Meals –You can get shoddy tapas and suppers for around 6-13 EUR. That will incorporate around 3 or 4 tapas. On the off chance that you need wine included, hope to spend around 18 EUR per dinner. A decent café dinner will set you back around 25 EUR. In the event that you go out for paella, drinks, tidbits, and so on then you should plan to spend around 35 EUR for a dinner. Shabby sustenance like McDonalds and Maoz cost around 7 EUR per dinner. In the event that you purchase your own nourishment, hope to spend around 30-40 EUR for seven days of basic needs. For some extraordinary nourishment, make certain to look at Les Quinze Nits, La Fonda, and Pinotxo (a standout amongst the best/least expensive tapas and bar encounters in Barcelona).

Transportation – A transport or metro ticket costs 2.15 EUR per venture and in the event that you get the 10 pack of tickets, you can spare a considerable amount. A pack of 10 tickets costs 9.95 EUR, if you remain inside one zone. A one-zone exchange from the airplane terminal costs 4.50 EUR. The Barcelona Travel Card can be purchased for 2-multi day lengths, permitting boundless open transportation for just 14-32 EUR. Getting around by walking is an incredible decision for the downtown area, as there is such a great amount to see. Leasing a bicycle is another incredible spending alternative, with every day rentals costing around 12 EUR (or as meager as 2 EUR in case you’re at a lodging that offers this).

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Barcelona Travel Guide for 2019

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